Correct position in rules of the queues for manage upload-download bandwith?

  • Hello.

    I'm trying to control the upload-dowload bandwidth using queues in a WAN - 3 VLANs configuration. After thousands of try-error the only conclusion that I get, is that it works but only in a direction at same time.

    I created 5 queues for WAN and 5 for LAN, for use at this way:

           – qACKw
           -- qDefaultw
           -- qVlan1w
           -- qVlan2w
           -- qVlan3w

           -- qACKl
           -- qDefualtl
           -- qVlan1l
           -- qVlan2l
           -- qVlan3l

    The reason of this configuration is for guarantee a minimum of bandwidth and borrow the unused of other VLANs (using CBQ).

    My question is, in what tab of firewall rules should be there the upload queue? in LAN? and the download?

    I only do works in the VLAN tab, and using the queues for download or the queues for upload but not the two at the same time.

    Thanks and my apologies for my bad English.

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