Force new gateway - single wan/lan

  • Hey,

    Note: running pfsense 1.2.* …

    I'm running a small pc with pfsense as a VPN entrance to my network.
    However the network does have another primary gateway that provides internet.
    I want all the pc's including the ones that connect through VPN, to use the same primary gateway when they connect out.
    right now the use the pfsense machine to go out on internet again.

    Is it possible to change the settings so when i log in through VPN, and visit it will show
    the IP of the primary gateway?

    This need is caused by the real firewall being on the other gateway.

    I guess this is a routing thing, so i have looked in the static routing section. However, it seems to only accept
    single external IP adresses, but i want it to count for ALL external IP's..

    Hope you can help.


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