Rack mount 1RU Low power server

  • Following on from my watchguard post. I'm still looking for a suitable 1RU half length server.

    What are peoples thoughts on these?? i've just come across this site.


    Looking at this server RS-1908C Intel Core2 Mini-ITX 1U 8" Rackmount Server

    Seems to be a pretty good deal, E5400 core 2, CF card reader on the front, put in a riser card for extra nics. around $600.

    are these boards, chips etc supported by pfsense?

  • Ah bugger this, after ringing a number of places and none getting back to me with a price  ???

    Going to use IBM 306 servers, they are old, run 2 x sata drives, P4 3.0GHz and 4GB ram, 2 onboard intel plus quad intel nic fairly low power usage and heaps of spare parts. $150 can't complain.

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