[HP DL140G3 and DL320G4] Hardware feedback

  • Hi, just to give feedback on two configurations that work just fine with pfsense:

    I have installed two clusters using these machines:

    HP DL140 G3, one Hard Drive SATA  80GB.
    2 onboard Broadcom ethernet cards (1 gb/s) with one HP NC340T card(4 ports Gb/s,  Intel 8246EB chipset)

    HP DL320 G4, one Hard Drive SATA 80GB.
    2 onboard Broadcom ethernet cards with one Dlink DFE580TX (4 ports 100Mb/s)

    Do not forget to buy the riser cards for changing PCI-E to PCI-X, here is the part number for the HP riser card : 409347-B21

    I hope it will help some users when choosing hardware ;-)