DHCP name for VirginMedia network

  • Hi all,

    Just wanted to share this little snippet with you all.
    Have a VirginMedia 10Mb connection with their old small black cable modem.
    Setting up pfSense was a breeze, apart the requirement to specify the DHCP name server.

    For VirginMedia, enter the domain name 'virginmedia.net' into Interfaces -> WAN -> DHCP client config -> Hostname

    I found that until this was done, I could not access any external websites.

    Best regards,

  • Hi Bob,

    I'm with Virgin and mine is left blank so I'm not sure why yours did not work without it?

    If you have removed the default allow any rule then you need to allow DNS traffic from the interface subnet to the interface address else websites will not load.

    I don't know enough about networking to know why setting that hostname makes it work for you or which is the best way to use, perhaps I'm doing it wrong? hopefully someone more educated can comment?


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