L2tp not starting after bootup + question about dhclient options

  • Hello everyone.
    Got a two questions:

    1. L2TP connection not starting after bootup (PPP log is empty) and sometimes after losing a connection, so i have to launch web-interface and click on "connect" button (Status -> Interfaces -> l2tp). Is there any solution to do this automatically after bootup?

    2. How can i set up dhclient parameters? (for example request domain-name-servers, option-249, classless-routes, routers, subnet-mask;). I need to do that because of strangeness of my ISP, which sends or not sends static routes via DHCP using the next options: 33, 121, 249. This situation seems to be different at different areas of my city. Anyway, i m not a specialist and just want to recieve static routes (like on Windows or Asus wl500gp router).


    • using pfSense 2.0
    • connection scheme is: WAN = local IP + local network + route to L2TP server => L2TP = real IP + internet
    • not good at engish

  • l2tp working only "manually" since described problem appeared when i returned back commented code in interfaces.inc to be able to write hostname as l2tp remote server
    (thx Lexvel)

     if (!$g['booting'] && !is_ipaddr($gateways[$pid]) && is_hostname($gateways[$pid])) {
                   /* XXX: Fix later */
                   $gateways[$pid] = gethostbyname($gateways[$pid]);
                   if(!is_ipaddr($gateways[$pid])) {
                      log_error("Could not get a valid Gateway IP from {$port} via DNS in interfaces_ppps_configure.");
                      return 0;

    it is still vital to get l2tp server via dhcp for me and some other users from my country (my ISP seems to be popular in Russia), so still hoping someone will help.

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