Dmesg reporting read failures?

  • I'm using a Netgate m1n1wall 2D3 with an Alix board.  I took a look at my dmesg logs and found the following:

    ad0: 3815MB <sandisk sdcfh-004g="" hdx="" 6.03="">at ata0-master PI04
    ad0: FAILURE - READ status=51 <ready, dsc,="" error="">error=10 <nid_not_found>LBA=7813103
    (enter a whole bunch more of these with different LBA numbers)

    The device seems to be running OK otherwise so I wanted to post and see if I should worry about these errors.  Can someone explain a little more of why it might be doing this and whether or not I should be worried?  Thanks!</nid_not_found></ready,></sandisk>

  • If the LBAs are all similar to the one you quoted the issue could be that the filesystem written to the Compact Flash card expects the device to have more LBAs than it really does. There are a number of posts in the forums reporting that CF cards have their own idiosyncratic version of a GB (for example, a 4GB card has less than 4x1024x1024x1024 bytes of usable storage) and SanDisk seems to be an oft reported miscreant.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    If you have their new white label Sandisk 4GB 30MB/s card, that is normal. See the first entry here.

  • That is exactly the card I have.  Too bad that didn't come up in my searches. :(  Perfect answer to my question.  Thanks!

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