How to know if a wireless 3G stick supported or not?

  • Hi everyone,

    I want to guy a Bell Canada wireless 4G stick but I am not sure if it's supported by pfSense + Alix. The specific one I am looking for is Novatel Wireless U998:

    If this is not supported, can I simply take out the SIM and insert into a stick that works with pfSense? Which one would be best?


  • Netgate Administrator

    As you probably know if you've looked into this the problem with having a compatible 3g modem is that most have a two mode operation. In the first mode they pretend to be a cd-rom drive with windows drivers on and in the second mode they present a serial interface that you can dial out on with AT commands.
    In order to get into the second mode pfSense uses FreeBSD's u3g. To guarantee compatibility therefore the modem must be listed in u3g from FreeBSD 8.1 rel, here.

    However there are others that will work. Some ZTE modems, for example, can be locked in modem mode by issuing an AT command.

    Search the forum for success stories.

    The best source is probably the documentation:


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