DNS Bind issue

  • I have PFSense comfigured and working great.
    I have port forward 80 in NAT.
    I have an SBS web server and client xp.
    With current configuration, My website can be accessed from the the net.
    However, when attempting to access the website on SBS locally from the XP client using the website host name, I receive the following,

    "Potential DNS Rebind attack detected, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DNS_rebinding
    Try accessing the router by IP address instead of by hostname."

    I have tried some of the workarounds that I've read such as disabling DNS bind rules but to no avail.
    I am using PFsense 2.0
    How can I bypass this error to see my website through the LAN and to do it without compromising the dns bind feature?

  • I solved the problem.
    Just added an entry into my Hosts file.

  • adding the entry to your host file is not the right way to do this.
    pfsense>services>dns forwarder

    Add to host overrides
    www      mysiteurl.com        myserverIP        (what ever for desc.)

    or ad to domain overrides if you wish
    mysiteurl.com  myserverIP  (do not enter your host names i.e. WWW)