RFC 2136 is not updating my nameserver

  • Hello all. I'm trying to move to my own BIND9 DNS server, but a critical part of my setup requires DDNS.

    I followed the guide http://linux.yyz.us/nsupdate/ and as far as I can tell I have everything set up correctly on my BIND9 server. I created a new entry on the pfSense RFC 2136 page with all my information and my private key. But when my IP address changes (for example by disconnecting and then reconnecting my PPPoE connection), it doesn't update on my DNS server, and I can't find where the logs for this update attempt would be, if they even exist, on either my server or pfSense.

    Does anyone know how to fix this/get this working? Everything I've found in my Google crawling has been a dead-end.

    I'm using 2.1-DEVELOPMENT on the router and Debian on my server.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Only issue I know there is that for the hostname it must be a fully qualified hostname and not a short hostname (so it must be mybox.example.com and not just mybox)

    I haven't heard of any other issues there. I thought it was supposed to log to the main system log but I haven't seen that for certain. I don't have access to any setups to test that against.

  • That's for the info! I'll check the main system logs and see if I'm getting errors.

    Edit: There doesn't seem to be any record of it trying.

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