Hardware optimized?

  • Dear All,

    Newbee with pfsense, i'll consider this (low cost) hadware to install PfSense 2.x :

    Processor Intel® Celeron® E3400 (2.60 GHz) - Ram 2048 Mo - HDD 320 Go - Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator X4500 - LAN Ethernet - FreeDOS™ (details on http://fr.gateway.com/products/product.html?prod=DT30 ) price : 278 € without taxes

    In addition 2 intel Eth on PCI v2.3

    Needs & config are :

    • Wan 1 adsl 10 Mbps down 1.5 up
    • Wan 2 cable 100 Mbps down 4 up
    • Lan 100 Mbps + 1  Gbps (router Zyxell 24 ports with PoE and vlan)
    • 7 to 10 users on Lan (PC's) + 1 SBS2008 server + 1 Qnap NAS
    • Internal Mail Server on Lan (Exchange) (high to medium trafic)
    • 7 Iphone Connexion from Wan to Exchange (often)
    • Extranet (from Wan) to  SharePoint (on Lan server) around 70 users around 5 concurent users (https ) without VPN (medium trafic)
    • VPN (now in pptp) for a total of 7 to 10 users (max 4/5 concurent users : remote working). Later with PfSense Open VPN?
    • Lan => Wan Externalised Intranet (Often) + classic surfing
    • Over the night  rsync from Lan NAS to remote NAS for externalised backup
    • Coming soon : VOIP with around 10 ipphones on LAN and 4 to 7 remote ipphones (for home workers)

    Is the selected hardware a good solution ?
    Is alix 2d3 ou 2d13 strong enough for my needs?
    Another optimised hardware?

    Is Open VPN the best, easy to implement and strong enough, solution?

    Kind regards and thx for help!


  • An Alix will not handle that, they top out at ~85Mbit/s, and that's only if there's no traffic in the other direction at the same time, and the VPN performance will be in the ~15Mbit/s area.

    The box you've linked to is more than powerful enough, whether or not it works though really depends on exactly which NICs you have and whether or not the disk controller is supported.

  • Thx for reply!

    For NIC I'll consider this one X 2 (+ 1 onboard NIC): Intel® PRO/1000 GT Desktop Adapter details http://www.intel.com/products/desktop/adapters/pro1000gt/pro1000gt-overview.htm?wapkw=(PWLA8391GT)

    For HDD controler I don't know which onboard one is installed…. but it's an onboard SATA...


  • The PRO/1000 GT will work, though without knowing what the onboard NIC is I can't speak to that.

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