Trafic graph by IP

  • Hello.

    Sorry if this was already answered, but browsing all pfSense menus I cannot find a way to show current traffic by IP.
    I know about pfTop an Traffic Graphs, but I'm looking for a way to see the following info:

    Traffic Graphs show 60Kb/s out. I'd like to know which IP's are generating such traffic right now.
    As far as I know, pfTop shows global traffic no matter when it was generated.

    Thank you very much in advance.

  • You can try installing the nTop package and use that to monitor per host.

  • On stock 2.0:

    Status: Traffic Graph

    Select interface LAN

    You should "Host IP Bandwidth In Bandwidth Out" on the right-hand side

  • Can't you see it on status -> traffic graph menu?

  • LOL … since i had the traffic graph inside dashboard, there was no need for me to look there anymore. Very interesting to see the actual traffic per ip there. Nice - thanks for the hint!

  • LoL, you're not the only one! Since 2.0 with the dashboards I hadn't looked there either. I learned something new today as well!

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