How to config a fair share between hosts

  • Let's say I have 3 PCs: PC1, PC2, and PC3, and an ADSL line with speed 1024/512 kbps. How can I arrange the queue so that all PCs can have a fair share of the bandwith (both upload and download regardless to the traffic protocols) and make all queues work conservative. For example, if all PCs download transfer bulky data, all can grasp one-third of the bandwidth. Then, when PC3 finished and requires less bandwidth, the other PCs can bowrow the available bandwidth and share it. I think this scenario would work with WFQ but I cannot find the way to change the default queue scheduler. By the way, I am using the official release of pfsense 1.0.1.

  • delete all the que's

    then you will need to setup 2 que's for every ip
    1 upload que and 1 download
    and add the borow options to it

  • In the official release of 1.0.1, there is no borrow option in queue setup (let's say, there might be but I cannot find it). Queues use HFSC scheduler instead of PRIOR as in the previoud version. I tried to config all queues as the in Rep1. Actually, I have 20 PCs. Threrefore, I assign m2 of Realtime to 4% and Linkshare to 10% and leave all fields of Upperlimit blank. I also set the default queue to have 1% realtime with 1% upper limit and ACKs queue to have 10% realtime with 25% upper limit. However, the system reports that the aggregate bandwidth of child queues is greater than the root (which has BW of 1020kbps).

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