Mutli WAN lagg LACP

  • I have been a pfsense 1.2.x admin and user for a number of years. I thought I was fairly proficient with the product, however, I have a new requirement that I am having trouble implementing. I am new to PfSense 2.0.

    I have 2 ADSL2 connections that I need to aggregate together. These are both from the same provider and DO have the same gateway. Based on this I realise that I need to put the second connection on another router and forward all that traffic to the pfsense box.

    I have configured the switch for a lagg trunk [with lacp enabled] between the two ports which connect to the 2 nics on the pfsense box [rl0, rl1].
    I then configured lagg0 in pfsense - rl0, rl1

    My issue is from here I cannot seem to get a connection. If I configure a PPP connection a assign it to lagg0 it does not seem to connect.

    I have also tried [for the sake of trying to get it working:

    Put both connections on seperate routers [in routed mode]
    Assign 2 WAN interfaces to use the external routers as their gateways. However, once I do this, I am no longer able to configure the lagg at all as all interfaces have been assigned.

    I am fairly sure that I am performing at least some of these steps out of order, but I have not been able to find much detail on the configuration of this.

    Can anyone give me an indication of the steps involved to acomplish this?
    Any help would be greatly appreicated.


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