Problem with NAT and 3/23/07 Snapshot

  • Hello,

    Last week, we reloaded our pfSense machine with the 3/23 snapshot to fix the DHCP issue we had with the earlier snapshot (we were using like 2/13 I think before).  Since the reload, everything had been working fine.  Now, just this morning, we're running into another issue.  Trying to pass traffic on the LAN side out doesn't work.  I'm currently SSH'd into the box and when I try to ping outbound via the LAN ip (ping -S -c 5, I receive no replies.  Yet when, I ping the same IP ( with just the normal ping command, it works fine.  The LAN side is plugged into a switch.  When a laptop was plugged into the switch, it was unable to do anything as well.

    We don't do anything special but single port forward for VNC.  The rule was created via the automatic make rule option in the port forward section.

    Is there something I've done wrong?  Is this a known issue?  Do I need to just update to the latest snapshot?  I've ran out of ideas.  I don't see anything out of the ordinary in the system logs or firewall logs in the GUI.  I can provide these logs if needed.



  • Just to be sure i would recommend a upgrade to latest snapshot. Because at the time you did upgrade there was a snapshot warning to only use it to test the schedule bounty.

  • Yes, please upgrade again, you might have hit a snapshot that had some halffinished stuff in it.

  • 4/03 SNAPSHOT seems to have everything good to go.  Been working fine!


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