IMSLogViewer - MySQL Log Viewer for IMSpector

  • Here is something that I've been working on in last couple of days. It is currently tested to work with MSN and IRC logs but I can't see any reason that it shouldn't work with all others too. Here are few features and highlights:

    • Supports Auto-Update with custom interval - remembers last record id from database and uses wise polling against the database.
      Auto-Update is updating both message view and tree view for any updates.

    • Supports deleting and/or saving the logs individually from the tree - select item and right-click.

    • Supports Control-C in message textbox, also right-click menu exists with Copy.

    Configuration is done by editing the connection string in the IMSLogViewer.exe.config file.
    This app is made in C# and using .NET 4.0 with MySQL Connector for .NET. Here are both source and binaries:
    Binaries -
    Source -

    Some feedback is very welcome! :)

  • Updated it a lot, now auto-updating data by default in background, remembering last read logs and last selected item in tree, showing unread logs as red icons, several UI tweaks and optimizations, betterĀ  MySQL queries. Also remembers it's window position. Exceptions are handled nicely and shown in nice looking toolbar if something happens, also all other types of issues etc.

    Source code (VS2010, .NET 4.0 Client):

    Compiled application: