Bug in interfaces editing.

  • Hi, I have multiple Virtual ips assigned to my 2.1 box.

    Current Interfaces: WAN config as follows:
    ipv4: static
    ipv6: none
    mac: blank
    mtu: 1472
    mss: blank
    ipv4 address and gateway selected.

    Now i want to change the MTU back to default, however when i remove the figure and save, i get the errors

    This interface is referenced by VIPs please delete those before setting the interface to 'none' configuration.
    I assume this is referring to the ipv6 configuration, which is and always has been "none".

    My VIP's are all ipv4, my provider doesnt yet support ipv6.

    To me this seems to be a bug, as having no ipv6 configuration should not affect ipv4 VIP's.
    Currently the only solution is to remove the ipv4 VIP's, make the changes and add them again.

  • what happens if you try to put 1500 in mtu field