Pf sense and a multiple domain server

  • Hi,

    I am new to pf sense. I have been reading some of the tutorials and some of the other resources. However I am not getting a clear answer on this question. Can pf sense handle multiple domains on a box behind it?

    I am looking to set up pf sense as a firewall, router, and dns box. I would then set up a box behind it on an internal lan. That box would be a webserver mail server. The webserver would have multiple domains and a single IP. The real IP would be on the pf sense box so the webserver would have a private ip.

    Also are there any special configuration issues or additional packages I should be aware of?


  • Netgate Administrator

    If they are all on one box with a single IP it should be no problem. You simply forward all traffic on port 80 to the webserver and let apache (or whatever) sort out which virtual server to use from the header information.

    More of a problem, but still possible, is having multiple webservers with multiple IPs behind pfSense. You would then have to run a reverse proxy which could read the headers and send traffic to the correct box. But that's not a problem for you!

    If you want to access the server from your internal network by URL you will need to either add local DNS entries or enable NAT reflection.


  • Thank you. This helps a great deal.


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