Reversed port forward

  • I have a PPPoe modem in bridge mode, pfSense connected to it and LAN network. Apart from port forwarding a port from WAN to a private computer in the lan, is it possible to forward a port from the modem to the PFSense IP ?
    Modem:,  PFSense WAN as PPPoE,  PFSense's LAN …
    The modem has a diagnostic page and I would like to get to it from the LAN ...
    Is it possible??

    Best regards!!

  • Not easily. You have to do some "hacking" to get that working. Databeestje pointed out a solution to me that I don't have handy right now but it involved installing "redir" from the portscollection and some manually configuration at shell level. I'll post the solution when I rediscover where I took some notes on this or maybe databeestje can answer it again.

  • That would be great if you found that solution for me.
    Of course changing the internal modem IP to be the same network range as the LAN, eg is not a problem…

    Best regards!!

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