OpenVPN Client Export - Set bundle name?

  • Is it possible to set the file name(s) used by the OpenVPN Client export package?

    For example, the Windows installer (very nice feature for my users!) gives a connection name of 'pfsense-TCP-1194-config'. It would be nice to be able to set this to something like 'Secure connection to project server' without having to get the user to modify file names. It would also make it easier to add configurations from other pfsense end-points.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    It's not that easy, I've looked into it before. The twisty path taken by the javascript and php code to pass values back and forth make it a bit of a chore to change the filename. It may be possible in the future, but at the moment it's not so simple. You can always just type in a different name when saving it though.

  • Thanks for the update.

    Yes, renaming the file is easy enough and it's also easy to update the other names for the archive. I then just give them an archive with the new names.

    Unfortunately, most of the users are on Windows and I can't do the same for them. However, the instructions on what they have to do aren't too complicated ;-)

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