2.0.1 Update Problem

  • After the upgrade is not available for pfsense http (s)
    with all the services work and pfsense performs its tasks
    I need help!
    under treatment at the LAN WebAdmin
    I get a message on the page
    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '*' in /etc/inc/system.inc on line 561

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    There is no "*" on line 561 of /etc/inc/system.inc on 2.0.1 - that line should be:

    			$syslogconf .= system_syslogd_get_remote_servers($syslogcfg, "news.err;local0.none;local3.none;local7.none");

    Do you have any packages installed that might be making changes to system.inc or the syslog settings?

  • I established modules only through WEB a configurator

    my /etc/inc/system.inc

    561 mail.*                                          /var/log/maillog
    562                        $syslogconf .= system_syslogd_get_remote_servers($syslogcfg, ".notice;kern.debug;lpr.info;mail.crit;");
    563                        $syslogconf .= system_syslogd_get_remote_servers($syslogcfg, "news.err;local0.none;local3.none;local7.none");
    564                        $syslogconf .= system_syslogd_get_remote_servers($syslogcfg, "security.
    565                      $syslogconf .= system_syslogd_get_remote_servers($syslogcfg, "auth.info;authpriv.info;daemon.info");
    566                        $syslogconf .= system_syslogd_get_remote_servers($syslogcfg, "*.emerg");
    567                }

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    You have no packages installed?

    Either a package has modified that file in a way that broke it, or your HDD/RAM is flaking out and it didn't write out the file properly. I'd bet on a package since the default system.inc has no "mail.*" entry. It looks like the postfix package mangles system.inc in that way.

    Here is what those lines should really look like:

    It looks like the postfix package does make a backup though, you could try doing this:

    mv /root/system.inc.backup /etc/inc/system.inc

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