Pfsense on lan behind Router without Dhcp

  • I first of all congratulations for this great firewall,captive portal,router ,trafic shapper what ever this really is .
    I have a lan on wich i want to use Pfsense to shape the traffic(because of on line gaming "Counter-Strike") and i have a router that is currently doing the connection to the isp.

    I have tried to setup a static ip on the WAN interface but i have a problem with the dns (meaning no internet
    When i turn on Dhcp on the router and Dhcp on the WAN of Pfsense it works fine.

    Wan(,Gw,Dns10.0.0.254 ---Pfsense--- LAN(

    What am i doing wrong  ???

    thank you

  • If you want to simplify your setup drop the router and use a pure bridged modem. It's less things that can go wrong and less settings to configure. However ot should work the way you have ot now too. You have to manually assign DNS-Servers at system>general if your WAN is not DHCP or PPPoE and gets them assigned automatically.

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