Multi WAN (Balance) works, HTTPsAll Block not ?!

  • Hi !

    I've set-up multiwan using the known tutorial here. Everything works fine, it balances good.

    I've also set-up the Aliases for HTTPS to get HTTPS routed over one interface only but it does not work. Even HTTPS Traffic is being balanced. After that I've changed the Rule for HTTPsAll and set it to "Block" everything that comes, I applied changes, even rebooted but still all my HTTPS Traffic gets balanced…

    Set-up is exactly like in the how-to.

    Anyone ever had something like this before ? Its really annoying because most HTTPS-Sessions become invalid when IP changes within the session...


  • I've found the error..

    Since my WLAN runs over OPT3 but is bridged with LAN I thought it would be enough to simply add the rule(s) for LAN / LAN Net.. Which was not.. I had to also do the same rules for OPT3 as for LAN.. whyever…


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