L7 Traffic Shaping required resources

  • I want to build an L7 Traffic shaping transparent firewall.  I tried this on a P4 system and it blew up the processor.  I tried again on a Pentium D 2.8ghz dual core and I've seen it run up to 50% with 2 test PC's browsing.  I'm planning on deploying this in a 30 client user environment.  Just looking for some recommendations on specs for the box.  Do you think the Pentium D should be able to handle it?


  • Because you have an dual core CPU there is only 50% max CPU usage. This is because there is no multi-threading for all processes in pfsense. It is not a problem of pfsense but of the process itself.
    In short this means one CPU is maxed out.

    But what do you like to filter with L7 ? Such a high usage is a little bit strange for my understanding.

  • I'm sending mp3, httpvideo, httpaudio, flash, http-itunes, http-rtsp, quicktime, rtp, and rtsp to the qotherlow queue and I'm blocking audiogalaxy.

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