• Will a Celeron 433Mhz + 192MB be enough for a router of a 6mbps connection(ADSL-PPPoE), without any additional VPNs and etc?
    Embedded version on a CF card.
    Only one thing that behind that PfSense there will be a server with Emule sometimes. The number of connection emule produces concerns my about the RAM and CPU of the PFsense machine..? Won't the router machine be too weak?
    Apart from emule there will be some port forwarding to that server (WWW/FTP/Mail) and NAT for 1 or 2 LAN machines.

    Best regards!!

  • You shouldn't have any issues with this machine for this bandwidth. Would surprise me if the cpu gets hogged.

  • It works great !!
    Even if I managed to generate 4000 connections (port scanning) the router shows as max as 5% CPU usage … and no more than 30% memory used.
    Keep up the good work :)!!

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