Multi wan not working

  • The issue is I have 2 static modems hooked up. When I unplug one it fails to pass traffic or any traffic to the other one.

    Name Gateway Monitor RTT Loss Status Description
    WANGW  133.833ms  0.0%  Online 
    WAN Gateway
    33  45.544ms  0.0%  Online

    They both are showing up so I think its a firewall issue but, not sure how to pass the traffic.

    Both are setup as

    Group Name Gateways Priority Description

    wan1  WANGW
    Tier 1
    Tier 1

    And the

  • And I'm just lost on this. Worked on this so much but, all the information is for the load balancing and say to configure the firewall to make it work. But, what do I put in the firewall?

  • I have 1 lan 1 wan 1 opt1  I cannot get opt 1 wan to work if wan 1 goes down pretty much

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    Post screenshots of your:

    Firewall: Rules  LAN

    System: Gateways

    System: Gateway Groups

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