4 Intel Quad PT NICs, but never used pfsense or Linux

  • Hello All,

    I mentioned to a friend that I was looking to buy an 8-port router, but he quickly recommended pfsense and in an attempt to try and persuade me, he gave me four spare Intel Pro 1000 PT (quad) gigabit NICs for my prospective pfsense box.

    Now I must admit, pfsense looks fanstastic and will do far more than the router I was looking to buy, but I have absolutely no experience with Linux or pfsense, so I'm a little worried that after buying the kit, getting it up and running with all NICs will be beyond my expertise.

    If I use compatible kit, is it likely that pfsense will work (or detect all four NICs) on first boot?

    Many thanks!


  • Older Intel gigabit NICs work fine with pfSense 2.0. Some of the newer ones don't. I'm not familiar with the PT NICs. Can you read off the chip numbers: (825xx)? You shouldn't have any trouble with PCI NICs, might with newer PCI Express NICs.

    You could test it out by putting the card in a PC and booting the pfSense Live CD and running off that.

  • Thanks for the reply. All of the network cards have the chip number 82571.


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