Proxy 1 IP Address through US??? SQUID???

  • OK….I'm stumped on this one. Here's what I'm trying to do.

    I have a "Pandora" internet radio ( internal), that I want to use a U.S. external address through a U.S. proxy (I'm in Canada). This is the only IP I want to use this proxy, and I would like the firewall to automatically do this.

    Can I use SQUID to push this? Or shoud I be using something else?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.



  • Or…..can I create a secondary VLAN, connect the Pandora radio to it, and route all of that traffic through a U.S. proxy somehow???

  • You can configure a parent proxy on squid package and send all squid requests to your US proxy.

    Take a look on how havp includes parent proxy info on squid package or ask google for a how to  ;)

  • Can I use this parent proxy for just one vlan? I don't want to slow down my regular traffic.

    I'd like to have my VLAN 1 (regular equipment) go through normally, using the SQUID proxy as a virus and Internet filter…. and VLAN 5 (Pandora radio) go through my external proxy.

  • Not sure how to do this with acls, but you can copy squid.conf file and run a second daemon on other port.

    Or install a virtual machine with squid for vlan 5.

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