Stunnel / anyterm workarounds 2.0-RELEASE

  • I'm not sure if anyone else (on embedded flashVGA image with 2.0-RELEASE) is having problems with stunnel and anyterm but here are the workarounds I've found so far.  Not quite sure how to get these to the actual packages…

    1)  Stunnel:

    It won't start since its chroot directories aren't present(after you reboot after the install).  Login to the console and run:
    mkdir -p /var/tmp/stunnel/var/tmp/run/stunnel
    chmod 777 /var/tmp/stunnel/var/tmp/run/stunnel
    /usr/local/etc/rc.d/ start should start as configured.

    2)  Anyterm:

    This generally works unless you set a stunnel port (which is pretty much the only way to use it ... so frustrating it won't work this way).  Go into the Diag->anyterm and clear the stunnel port.  When you hit save it will attempt to start the service.  This will should work.  Put the stunnel port back and hit save again.  It should stay running.

    Then you should be good to go.  Then don't reboot.  Mercifully pfsense is pretty stable :-)
    [sadly the packages seem to be all pretty buggy]

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