Adding FreeRadius to Embeded WRAP board? Plz help

  • Hi, just found out that embeded boards dont support packages….  but I need to install Free Radius on the board, I was able to do that separatly on FreeRadius, but I need some other things that PfSense alredy has... so any advise on how can I add Free Rad here?

    Appreciate your help!

  • FreeRADIUS is currently broken.  So even if you got this working which is doubtful FreeRADIUS wouldn't work.

  • what do you mean its broken?

  • It's broken, it doesn't work.

    Someone needs to fix it but we are focused on the base system.

  • Hm, do you mean the package or actual FreeRadius distribution?
    Caz we are runnung on RedHat w/ MySQL for 2 yerars and didnt have any problemms, now switching ro OpenBSD and FreeBSD but still works just fine in standalone mode (although we trying to find out why the thing refuses to work with MySQL on OpenBSD, but we will fix it any way)

  • The package init code is out of sync with the real package.

    Its a pfSense specific issue.

  • well, I want to use your OS becuase it got everything i need deside FreeRadius (for now I guress)
    So i left with to optons

    • work on your package
    • install freerad on the same system separatly along with your OS (how can I do this?)

  • Embedded builds have read only file systems because of limited writecycles to cf-cards. it will kill the card if you write to it frequently rather fast. I'm not sure how much writing freeradius would cause but you probably will encounter problems with pfsense setting back the filesystem to readonly on config changes from time to time and freeradius can't write any more.
    Besides that if you still want to give it a go logon via ssh after enabling ssh at system>advanced in the webgui and use option 8 to go to shell and try your luck there. However, we don't support these kind of changes.

  • ok thanks hoba, thas wjhat i neede…
    as to the freeradius, it doent need to write anything to itself if it works w/ SQL. Well it writes the temp file that contains the list of connected users, but if you disable it the server will still work... anyway that file is duplicated in acccounting table... so ill see if I get anything working and I let you know how it goes