Hardware dimension enought?

  • Hi @ all!

    I have a question about the follow Setup:

    Celeron D 3,2Ghz processor
    1,5Gb DDR-RAM
    2 PCI Intel Pro 1000GT Network-Cards (LAN, WAN)
    1 RTL onboard 100mbit Network-Card. (DMZ)

    Downstream: 100mbit
    Upstream: 10mbit

    I plan to use pfsense with an setup of 10 clients, snort and 3 IPSEC-Site-to-Site connections, 1 Webserver in DMZ.

    Which performance can I espect with the hardware above?
    I'ts enought?

  • Celeron is not that good for servers, but I think it will be enough.

    Pay attention on cpu load, if you get more then 70% load, you may need to change processor.

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