PfSense2.0 on CF (nanoBSD) mount second Hard Disk for Squid cache

  • Hi guys,
    I installed a pfSense_nanoBSD_image on a CF and now I would like to install Squid as web proxy, but I want to move the Squid cache on the Hard disk that I've just installed and mounted on pfsense.
    I partitioned and manually mounted  the new hard disk: everything works well.
    Finally I have to set an automount action when the system starts, so I mounted the "/" in read-write by "mount -uw /" and I added an instruction like "/dev/ufs/myDisk /mnt/data ufs rw,async,noatime 1 1" to "/etc/fstab".
    I tested that it works by "mount -a", but after rebooting the system doens't mount myDisk.

    Do you have any idea to fix my problem?


  • install package call shellcmd and use that with script which mounts the harddrive

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