Squid and whitelist

  • Hi! I have a pfsense 2.0.1 with squid. Squid uses radius authentication, and user login ok. No problem. I need some webpages that can access without authen, but i don't know who i can do for pass without put any authen. I put de url in whitelist,and works, but always browser request authen, if click in cancel i can see webpage that i put in the whitelist. I would like to be transparent

    I hope I've expressed well!


  • You need an whitelist acl placed before auth acl.

    Try to create one acl and paste it on custom options.

  • Hi, I was condigured ok, in squid.conf I have acl whitelist before auth. but still request login.

    I don't know how to fix.+


  • Check squid access log if there is any link on whitelisted site that calls other non whitelisted site.

  • Hi, i found two webpages that was blocking…

    Thanks for all!

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