Vpn pptp to pfsense and games ?

  • hello, in pf sense 2.0.1 i enable my vpn pptp, with 2 users, it's working great also i set gateway for vpn my internet conection on router to share internet through this vpn, also i pass all protocols by adding new rule,  it's working, what is not working for example: when i trie to use this private connection to play in network for ex counter strike like : 1 pc behind router and another connected to isp and connected to router through vpn :D game / games are not seening ….i have to be also connected with pc behind router to this vpn ?? off course not with external ip but with gateway : ? or the problem is when i connect to vpn from exterior i set in vpn:vpn ppt menu server adress : and server adress range : , WHY i can't set the gateway that i have on line also on vpn ??

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