Two app problems

  • The first is all Video streaming programs currently working with Yahoo instan messager I have the current rule set for my firewall.

    WAN  TCP/UDP  5050 - 5070
    (ext.: X0.XXX.189.XXX)  5050 - 5070

    What happens is it connects anf after a minute or two the inbound connection drops.

    Also the other app is Company of Heroes I have the same issue with the connection dropping. Part of the help me post on that forums was using an app called winstun I have ran the test and this was the result.

    NAT Mapping is not endpoint independent - VOIP will NOT work
    Does not preserve port number
    Does not supports hairpin of media
    Public IP address: X0.XXX.189.XXX

    I so have the game ports open for thiss game also.

    WAN  UDP  6112
    (ext.: X0.XXX.189.XXX)  6112  Company of Heroes 1

    WAN  UDP  30260
    (ext.: X0.XXX.189.XXX)  30260  Company of Heroes 2

    Am I missing something here?

  • Search the forum for "static port". Portscrambling is an additional security feature. You also can try using upnp (if your client apps support it).

  • Would this be the correct info?

    enable advanced outbound nat at firewall>nat, outbound. It will create the needed NAT rule for LAN->WAN for you automatically. Then create a rule ABOVE of this default rule for source <ip-phone ip="">, destination any and check the static port option (you basically can copy the default rule and change the source IP and check the static port option). After that go to diagnostics>states, reset states and reset the states to make the phone establish the connections using the static port option.</ip-phone>

  • Yes, correct.

  • I got some good news I was able to set the whole /24 to work on static ports with winstun. So my follow up question would be would there be any security risk leaving my /24 like this as a default?

  • Not really.

  • I like to report back ALL my app problems are resolved with this change.

    Company of Heroes
    Yahoo IM

    Hoba thank you for helpin gme yet again.

  • Nice. Thanks for the feedback  :)

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