DUP! ping on one pfSense

  • Hello All,

    2 x pfSense-1.2.3-RELEASE machines.

    I am not sure if this has just started ,or if I have simply never noticed this quandry before. When pinging the public interface on one of our schools two pfSense machines,from a remote machine I get (DUP!)  (sequence) about every 15 pings. I get the same rate if I ping the ISP's public gateway number as well.
    FYI. I never get any packet loss on this machine.( When pinging the public interface, I should say)
    On our second pfSense machine at a different school building I never see this behaviour. Both of these machines have two ISP connections with failover/load balancing installed.
    Does anyone know what to make of this scenario? I will monitor this closely over the next 5 days and see if this trend is a constant.

    Thank You,

  • If you get the same response from outside the pfSense network, pinging the ISP gateway, then the problem has nothing to do with pfSense.

  • Not unheard of with certain types of connectivity, though you generally shouldn't ever see that. It's usually indicative of some kind of network problem. Your description should eliminate the cause from anything on your network, it's something I'd bring up with the ISP.

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