Does pfsense support multi-level queue?

  • I use pfsense 1.0.1 snapshot 27-Mar-2007. I tried to config the queue to have 2 levels. However, in queue configuration, if I check the option "This is a parent queue", I cannot assign any other queue to be its parent (the list-box becomes gray). When I un-check that option, other queues cannot use this queue as their parent. I know that ALTQ and HFSC support multiple levels. However, does pfsense, which make use of them, support multiple levels? ???

  • It's a gui limitation currently. The shaperbackend actually would support it.

  • Thanks for the answer. Yet, it raises another question. Can I edit the XML configuration (through Backup/Restore menu in web GUI) to make multi-level queues?

  • I would guess though but you can't edit them through the gui then later. You also can try to find and remove the check in the webgui code but that of course is not officially supported (as well as trafficshaping config.xml hacking).  ;)

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