Need help, wan PPPOE ADSL connect/disconnect script

  • My problem is like this, ISP i use have some IP pools that are really bad, and i wish somehow to make script that:
    1.0 Check is WAN PPPoE connected.
    1.1 If connected go to 2.0
    1.2 If Not connected to connect and go to 1.1
    2.0 Check ip of WAN
    2.1 If WAN ip is from good IP pool sleep for 2 min and go to 1.0
    2.2 If WAN ip is from bad IP pool go to 3.0
    3.0 Disconnect WAN PPPoE, sleep for 10 sec and go to 1.0

    is there any chance that anyone have done this already or that u can point me in direction of how to do this.

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