How to access ext ip from my internal lan.

  • I recently install a mail server on for my company at ip = ***.***.1.11
    and my external ip will nat to this all mail works well.

    Internally I setup outlook to point to my internal ip, ***.***.1.11

    Externally (outside the firewall) I point to  this works.

    but this doesn't work when I am internal, therefore when I have a laptop each time I come into the building I need to change the pop and smtp to the internal IP address.

    We also use citrix which users have web access, when users try to access citrix through the ext IP (on our website) in the building they can't yet if i modify the link and change the external IP to our internal IP it works.

    Anyone know what I need to fix?  I can't see any blocking in the logs. We are running squid and squid guard is this what is preventing it?

    Thank You,

  • Netgate Administrator

    I assume you using pfSense as your firewall/gateway, though you don't say!  ;)

    You can either turn on NAT reflection or use manual DNS entries for your internal servers (if you are using the DNS forwarder).


  • Thank you Steve that worked perfectly!

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