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    built on Fri Mar 2 17:24:03 EST 2007

    Hi I'm not too sure what occurred but somehow the LAN interface died here. This is the part of the syslogd that i think involves the issue. If more is needed i'll post more. LAN clients were unable to access the internet. The server was said to be at some kind of error screen, I was not here to see it. It was hard rebooted with the power switch. This again did not bring the connection backup, so it was restarted once again, where it started working again.

    2007-04-03 07:21:46	Kernel.Critical	Apr  3 07:21:56 kernel: ad0: FAILURE - device detached
    2007-04-03 07:21:46	Kernel.Critical	Apr  3 07:21:56 kernel: subdisk0: detached
    2007-04-03 07:21:46	Kernel.Critical	Apr  3 07:21:56 kernel: ad0: detached
    2007-04-03 09:15:05	Auth.Error	Apr  3 09:14:10 sshlockout[273]: sshlockout starting up

    Not sure how this could have happened, maybe some of you all have seen similar, thanks.

    Another thing, after the server was up and running "properly" again.. OpenVPN was not connectable. I had to login to the OpenVPN settings, disable the connection, then re-enable it for it to be connectable again. Is this normal?

  • I think the openvpn issue has been fixed already in a later snapshot. The other problem looks like something hardware related to me.

  • hmm.. alright then. thanks hoba.. hopefully i'll be around if it happens again so i can see what the screen says. guess i'll have to move to the latest snapshot as well

  • If you happen to have a broadcom based network chipset, I would not pass go, not collect 200 dollars, and go to my nearest motherboard replacement dealer to get a backup. I had about a 25 percent failure rate on Tyan and Supermicro Opteron boards with broadcom based chips. The network chips would lockup one day, reboot a few times between lockups and one day the system would just halt trying to bring up the network adapter with a kernel dump and never boot again.

    Just FYI, it's not unheard of for network chipsets to go belly up. Especially the highly integrated ones on motherboards…

  • Am I missing something? That error message looks to me like your hard disk died… Do you have a mirror set? Perhaps one of those notoriously flakey bogo-raid1 controllers on the motherboard? The primary disk could have hit a bad block and crashed the system and upon reboot the system failed the disk. There's probably nothing wrong with the nics...

  • its nothing fancy.. just some oldass compaq deskpro i picked up for like $50. no raid or anything like that.. i'll check what kind of motherboard/NIC its got.. thanks

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