Wan and pppoe on pf 2.0.1

  • Hello,
    I'm upgrading my Pf 1.2.3 on 2.0.1. For that I have two PC. One working on 1.2.3 and another on 2.0.1 to prepare the upgrade.
    Actually the wan interface works on pppoe mode with a d-link dsl modem on bridge mode.
    On the 2.0.1 I have created, on PPPs settings, a new interface named pppoe0 on "xl2" physical card and my username and password.
    When I assign the WAN with the "pppoe0" interface, the Wan appears "disabled" on the dashboard and it is "enabled" if I assign directly the xl2 ethernet card.
    Actually the pf 2.0.1 is out of my network. I don't want to replace the 1.2.3 if it's not good. Where is my mistake or what are the other possibilities ?
    I haven't find some answer on google or this forum.
    Thank you

  • The pppoe0 is a virtual interface. The setup is the same as 1.2.3. You create a WAN and assign a physical interface. Change it to pppoe and put in your login creds. pfSense will take care of the rest with the pppoe0 interface. It should also pass traffic if it is "enabled" correct?

  • Thank you for your aswer.
    In fact, when the modem is not plugged the Wan is "disabled". I have changed the computers and the wan does to be linked with the pppoe0 interface. The public IP appears on the console and the wan is up and enabled.
    I was afraid for nothing  ;)

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