PF SENSE 2.0.1 crash ! on pc platform

  • suddently my pfsense crashed, local area interface was down , wan was up , after restart manually the sistem all was working good, i was asked in dashboard if i want the report to be send i agree and sistem sent report ….but i also saved in txt(atached) , sistem was up for like 5 days ...with no problems, can someone help me to find the root cause regarding this crash report that has been sent by sistem and saved/atached by me , thanks

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    If I had to guess, I'd say your fxp0 NIC is bad, or you have hardware that is trying to put things into a power save state when it shouldn't.

  • i restarted after first crash and like after 5 hures it crashed again :( i will post again the new crash report ! but i wonder why sistem is not rebooting after crash ? if i restart it (the pc where where is installed) is working again ….but those problems started today for like 4 - 5 days i had no problems ....i will trie to work without fxp0 (i had another card instead), thanks for help, i was so happy about this sistem as routing/firewall...i don't know why sudentlly it crashed.thanks

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    If it isn't rebooting, what is it doing at the console?

    It took a crash dump, so it must have rebooted itself after the actual crash.

    The notice about a crash in the GUI shows up only after a reboot recovered a crash dump.

  • my sistem is in another room, without monitor keyboard, i know from first crash, it disconected local lan, but only after second manually restart sistem is up :D now second crash : after like 4 houres after the first local area discnected sudentlly and after dhcp server is not running anymore on lolcal lan, but what i notticed that  wan is not down i mean wan cable is from my room from my fiber modem - wan - wan router :D (track) , now the sistem after second crash i mean second lan disconecting and stoped dhcp it remains like that i didn't gave restart to sistem / automatic restart :D tomorow morning i will plug monitor ….pc is still running i mean is turned on, also in first i saw crash report after manually restart !! i suspect problem to be fxp0 i will check i think is the lan on that nic fxp0 ....i will check second crash tomorow :D i will trie to replace nic :D i can't understand why was working great for 5 days and now i had problems can be a variant that fxp0 nic to be defective sudentlly ? i mention that fxp0 is with intel chipset also another is with realtek , thanks

  • second crash report looks aprox the same with first, now changes that i made fxp0 took out and replace with a realtek, but mu question is pfsense is managing find 2 nic's realtek not the same but are based on the same chipset ? now is set like this : one rl-lan one rl-optional intel-wan :D

  • pfsense can find multiple same chipset or even same cards, it just use increasing number after every nic, like em0, em1, em2 etc(intel)

  • after removing fxp0 i mean the card that had this interface name at the moment of crash , now it's working