Outbound Traffic Limit to IP

  • I have a problem in my office when people are uploading a video to our streaming video system. The videos are usually a couple hundred meg and the outbound pipe gets flooded.

    I want to limit upload to a specific ip.

    I've tried setting up a floating rule for outbound traffic and set the outbound in/out to my limiter rule of 1mbit/sec

    I set the inbound of the in/out to my limiter of 1gbit/sec

    destination is set to the specific ip.

    Wan is chosen as well as outbound on the direction.

    Any idea why it's not limiting file uploads to that ip address?

  • Your configuration must be work but I recomment  another solution.

    You can use Upper Limit field of  HFSC algorithm in appropriate queue.

  • I'm currently using priq i just want to limit the bandwidth going to a single ip so that it doesn't slow down the entire office when someone is uploading a video to our company server.

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