Inbound services on multi WAN setup

  • I have configured a multi WAN environment.  The failover works as designed for outbound traffic.

    Since enabling multi WAN, it seems to have affected inbound services on the OPT1 interface.  Inbound always works on the WAN interface.  The firewall logs show the inbound requests on the OPT1 interface, but it seems the route back out the OPT1 interface fails.

    If I set the OPT1 interface as the default gateway, inbound services work on both WAN and OPT1, just as I would like them to do.  However, I notice a slight delay with inbound requests on the WAN interface.

    I have outbound rules for both WAN and OPT1 interfaces, I have floating rules enabled for inbound on both interfaces, I have my default LAN rule set to the gateway group.

    Any ideas why this is affecting inbound traffic on OPT1?

  • I fixed the delay issue on WAN requests, so there really isn't a problem anymore, other than a strange configuration setting.  The delay was caused due to a missing route for the entire OPT1 subnet.

    Did I miss something, is this as designed, or a design flaw?

  • You probably want some Manual Outbound NAT magic to get this to work properly

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