Sip Issues

  • HI All

    I had install my first pfsense on a alix machine. I have 2 sip phones of which only 1 would work when installed. I then installed siproxd and rebooted. Some of the time the phones work fine and some of the time the inbound call does not get throught to the phone.

    Checking the states showes MULTIPLE:MULTIPLE and I have no rules setup for the firewall its self.

    Can anyone shed any light here as to what I need to do to get this working



  • Few time ago somebody posted sipproxy configuration for atas, try to search forum using sipproxy keyword and see if you find.

  • Do you have any firewall rules built for it?

    Source          Source Port           Destination    Destination Port
    I have  " UDP  Provider   5060 (SIP)   WAN address  5060 (SIP) * none   sip-server "

    I need to add this to the document I did…

  • HI

    I found a page with setting when I installed the package and followed those instruction but still having the issue. It all semmed to work fine when I have a Zywall and enable sip alg

  • Do you have any firewall rules built for it?

    Look at your firewall logs during incoming and then outgoing calls…  Are you seeing the RTP ports being blocked?

    Sip services are very different from provider to provider...  You might try turning off the RTP proxy and see what that does...

    Under "Registered Devices" do you show your phones?  Are you cloning your number on more than one port?

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