Mount nightmare

  • Hi there,

    I'm fighting on a problem and maybe you can help me.

    I have a pfsense 2.0.1 running installation on which I installed the rsync package.
    I have plugged on the same network it 2 network HDD

    • Lacie Network Space 2
    • Western Digital MybookWorld something

    The western disk is a backup of the lacie

    Until now to mirror the 2 HDD, I'm using a script on a computer on the same network via samba shares.

    I want to simplify this and launch a cron from the PfSense to do it BUT the stupid Lacie HDD only propose to me :

    • Samba Share
    • SFTP access
    • FTP access

    I can SCP files from it but impossible to run a rsync.

    so questions, is it possible to

    • mount a SMB share on pfsense
    • mount a SFTP/FTP as a folder on pfsense
      If yes it's the end of my problems… if not, I have to dismount the Lacie Drive and dig inside the file system to enable the SSH root access.

    Thanks in advance

  • It's not recommended but you can install freesbd samba package on firewall using pkg_add.


    Test in on a virtual machine first to see if samba package does not break your pfsense box.

  • Hi,

    thanks for the info but which one should I install ?

    Or maybe there too ? ?

  • Inside the non recommended packages there is a recommended freebsd version  :)

    Install packages from same freebsd version pfsense uses. Current version is freebsd 8.1 p6.

    *-stable packages could depend on shared libs that are not present o outdated on pfsense.

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