Squid general question

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    On my pfsense box, the ram is 1gb and hardidsk is 1tb.
    i have give 900gb to squid for caching and i give only 5mb of ram to squid.
    I have give only 5mb of ram to squid because i want that my all date will cache on harddisk not ram. because according to my knowledge ram is temporary memoey. Is this setting are correnct or i should give some memoey of ram also to squid for caching.
    my next question is why people give ram space for caching because if date will cache on ram then after restarting(the pfsense) all cache data will delete on pfsense. sir plz fix my confusion?

  • @crazyzoar:

    why people give ram space for caching?

    The answer is Performance.

    Also squid is not that fast and not that smart for dynamic sites.

    Ohter point is that cache age has not much sense after 15 days for example.

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