Book about pfSense 2: Is it still worth buying "The Definitive Guide"?

  • Hi guys,

    Since I want to use pfSense for a school project and I have almost no experience with pfSense, I'm looking to buy a book to get a bit into it.
    I know there already are a couple threads about this and most people were saying that "The Definitive Guide" is the better book to buy, although it's more outdated than the "pfSense 2 Cookbook". But those post were made back in June and as far as I know pfSense 2 was still in beta.
    So my question is, has pfSense changed so mutch since then, that it's not worth anymore buying the "Definitive Guide" or would it maybe be a better idea these days to buy the "pfSense 2 Cookbook" or is buying those books not worth the cost at all (because they are either outdated or just not so good)?

    Thanks in advance  ;D


  • I honestly have no experience with any other books other than "The Definitive Guide" but I would still recommend it. The way it is written is very thoughtful and helpful. It really explains concepts well so that even if the actual steps have changed a bit, you'll understand the concept enough to know how to do it in 2.x.

    Aside from the content, you also help support the project which you may care about after you start using pfSense and discover what a great product it really is.

  • I bought "The Definitive Guide" book last year when I started to use pfsense and ist was really helpful to understand the basics of how pfsense is working.

    But for the more advanced setup with packages like squid, squidguard (…) the book will not help so you will find the way back to this forum. Don't know if the other book covers parts you are interested in.

  • The Definitive Guide is far more helpful with 2.0 than the Cookbook.

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