Multi-WAN with bridged DMZ

  • My network:  (with pfSense 2.0 release)

    WAN: 118.x.x.x/29
    WAN2(OPT1): 118.y.y.y/30
    DMZ(OPT2): bridged with WAN

    And I've done the following settings:

    • bridged WAN and DMZ in Interfaces
    • created the gateway group, including WAN and WAN2's gateway, both tier 1
    • created firewall rule for DMZ interface, allow WAN subnet to any
    • load balancer, 2 SMTP servers with 192.168.1.x under LAN

    Until now, my network still working properly, i.e. LAN to Internet, OK; LAN to server with public IP under DMZ, OK

    But when I try to deploy the multi-WAN out by:

    • changing LAN default firewall rule's gateway from default to my newly created gateway group

    LAN to server with public IP under DMZ no longer working, meanwhile, LAN to Internet still OK, and the outbound traffic via WAN and WAN2

    Any tricks to config both Multi-WAN outbound and bridged DMZ work?


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