Second lan not working !

  • hi, on pc platform with pf sense 2.0.1 i had 3 nic's: 2 realtek and one intel all three are detected and assigned as interfaces, intel is wan and one realtek is lan, those are working in this moment, lan is seted static and wan ppoe, even if i set second realtek as static and enabled it is not working i mean second pc wired to this nic is not getting any ip (limited or no conectivity) , second lan is setted like first( wich is working great ) why second is not working …as device nic is functionally...., thanks in advance !

  • Did you enabled dhcp and created firewall rules on this opt interface?

  • It won't "just work" without configuring it.
    Either create a bridge with the first LAN and second nic as members. Lan becomes "bridge0"
    or, create a new interface with a different subnet to the first LAN, with DHCP Server & Rules to allow to internet & first LAN.

  • i allredy tried, of course i set it like first lan :D with subnet and dhcp range and enable dhcp …but it refuse to assigne ip's to clients, but now it's ok i found another solutions , i assigned another interface and enable ppoe server on it :D it's better with authentification also enable trafic shaper on this interface, so now i had one lan with dhcp , one wan ppoe and one another interface with ppoe server for clients, thx for help ! all the best